The Edgeborough Experience

Modern office with blue reception desk at Edgeborough Acquisition Ltd, UK. Family-owned company specializing in buying UK businesses.

The idea for Edgeborough Acquisitions was born when my wife and I decided to sell one of our previous businesses.  We were surprised, and disappointed, to learn that whilst there were companies queuing up to help sell your company, many of which were asking for really substantial amounts of money, they all went a little bit quiet when it came to asking about results.  

It was at that point that we realised that the result from their perspective, was getting you to sign up in the first place, and if the business sold in the next year or so that was a bonus.  We then considered private equity as an option, but after many candid conversations they admitted they were only interested in companies making at least £1 million net profit per year, and likely at least double that, or it simply was not worth there time.  

So we were left in limbo somewhat, and that is when we realised, I think quite a few other business owners, with equally good companies will also be in this position, why not create a company to help them?  And so we did.  We are aiming to acquire at least 4 companies in 2024.  

We at Edgeborough Acquisitions are sector agnostic, just looking for healthy, profitable companies, where its likely the owner has put in 10+ years but reached a point where they want to cash the chips in and let someone else deal with the responsibilities.  We would look to keep the company name the same, keep all of the existing staff, keep all the customers, and generally speaking not make any major changes.  Why would we - the company is already doing well.  We would expect a handover period of 3 to 6 months.  

Edgeborough Acquisition Ltd. in the UK offers consultation for selling your business. Expertise and industry knowledge to guide you through the process.